Jano for Os Oleiros Museum

Happy International Women's Day!

At Artistique, we are proud to support and represent some great female artists from across the globe. This year, we are celebrating by sharing a very special project from our very own, Jano. His latest series of portraits, issued today, feature a line-up of 12 remarkable female ceramists.  Created originally for Os Oleiros Museum in Galicia, Spain, the series will hopefully launch as a part of a teaching unit for schoolchildren. Educating our future generation to celebrate the lives and accomplishments from great females in history is incredibly important.

Experienced in illustrating animated characters, usually for editorial pieces, it is refreshing to see Jano use a more reserved and neutral palette. The colour scheme is nostalgic towards the pastoral surroundings where Os Oleiros Museum is based. There is a clean and balanced composition running through this series that benefits from using a limited range of colour. The focus is shifted onto the animation of these women. 

Below, are three of our favourite pieces chosen from this series. 

1. Dorotea de Armas Curbelo (1899-1997)

Dorotea was born in 1899, on the island of Lanzarote. She learnt the job of her mother who, in turn, learnt from hers. Dorotea lived and worked in her workshop until the year of her death, producing domestic tableware and small clay toys. One particularly renowned project was her figurines named "Noviones del Mojan / The Three Legged Horses". Inspired by Aboriginal Canaraian culture, this collection grew famous beyond her home islands. 

2. Pepa Lombao

Heriess to her family's ceramic business that has survived centuries, Pepa continues to keep traditional Galician Bonxe pottery alive today. She learnt from her father, completing her training at the School of Applied Arts of Lugo. Pepa likes to work all the possibilities of mud and clay; experimenting with different colours and exploring curvature of shape.

3. Natacha Sesena (1931-2011)

Natacha studied at the University of Madrid, where she presented her doctoral thesis on popular pottery, one of the great passions of her life. In 1975, she was published in a book that became one of the most used and most loved manuals for those in her field. Natacha published her most extensive work on popular Spanish pottery in 1997. At the age of 80, just one year before her death, she was awarded the prestigious National Ceramic Award for work across her lifetime.

Check out the full lineup which will be shown in Jano's online portfolio soon. 

Jano - Dorotea de Armas Curbelo Jano - Pepa Lombao Jano- Natacha Sesena