Tim Robinson for The Washington Post

This week, Tim Robinson accompanies Jennifer Breheny Wallace's article for The Washington Post; examining how the minor stresses of every daily life may be growing to cause us future health implications.

In her findings, psychologist Melanie Greenberg suggests that living life in a chronically stressed state builds up cortisol levels, making us more vulnerable towards diseases. 

In his latest illustration, Tim's animated and noisy collage emphasises the article's focus on everyday stress. A cracked phone screen plus a traffic jam obscure a traditional diagram of a human body. It is this confliction of colour and collision of shape which helps to draw parallels with these alarming warnings issued by psychologists.

Greenberg encourages readers to breathe deeper in an attempt to unwind the next time their train is delayed or they are gridlocked in traffic. Use the extra time to listen to a podcast or read the paper ... you might just find one of Tim's illustrations featured inside!

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Tim Robinson