Meet Our New Signing ... Daniel Liev!

We are excited to introduce our latest signing to Artistique International; Daniel Lievano!

Daniel was raised in the the Colombian suburbs of Bogota, among green lands, trees and dogs. He now works as a freelance illustrator and designer, which has led him to work with clients from all over the world. 

Stylistic and reflective, Daniel's illustrations often offer a clever optical illusion that connects with the reader. His concepts are inspired by irony, nostalgia and hope.  We are excited to see where his mind will take his artwork next.

Welcome to Artistique, Daniel!

At Artistique International, we manage leading contemporary artists specialising in intelligent advertising and editorial illustration. Based in New York, London and Marbella, we are a truly international illustration agency that's able to offer a boutique service around the globe.

Daniel Lievano
Daniel Lievano