LGTBI Pride Month by IQ Artists

Here at Artistitique we have the pleasure of celebrating Pride Month with outstanding works created by 12 of our talented illustrators. 
Through this annual celebration, the LGBTQI+ community demonstrates for equal rights, celebrate love and show pride in individuality in order to increase awareness about current issues that the community is facing. All around the world, events are held to peacefully protest against discrimination and violence.

Inspired by this celebration, a handful of the talented Artitstique artists have showcased their approach to supporting the LGTBIQ+ community. These stunning, colourful illustrations by Camipepe, Carlos Vielba, Erick Retana, Fabien Gilbert, Del Hambre, Javier Pérez, Michela Buttignol, Tania Vicedo, Teddy Kang, and Victoria Borges,  awake in us wonderful sensations and fabulous energy.

Join Artistique and these wonderful artists as we continue to celebrate pride throughout the month of June! Don't hesitate to contact us if your publication or advertising agency needs some of this free and colourful artists to give a unique touch to your campaigns.  

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LGTBI - Camipepe
LGTBI - Erick Retana
LGTBI - Fabien Gilbert
LGTBI - Fabien Gilbert 2
LGTBI - Del Hambre
LGTBI - Del Hambre 2
LGTBI - Carlos Vielba
LGTBI - Javier Pérez
LGTBI - Matilda Petersson
LGTBI Michela Buttignol
LGTBI Teddy Kang
LGTBI Teddy Kang 2
LGTBI Victoria Borges
LGTBI Tania Vicedo