Fabien Gilbert's Paris Exhibition - TroopHer 2019

Women's rights is a topic near and dear to us here at Artistique, with 60% of our agents and 40%  of our artists representing women from around the world. We've constantly making strides to increase these percentages and celebrate even more talented ladies with our new signings and promotions.  While we're proud to have such a great community of women, we're also proud to have a supportive and encouraging group of men working with us. 

#IQArtist Fabien Gilbert is no exception to this support. Recently, Fabien paired up with Chez Elles and TroopHer to advocate for women's equality through their exhibition at Le Pavillon des Canaux in Paris. The topics of his work included: domestic violence, sanitary and gynecological taboos, body shaming, gender stereotypes and many more. He used the symbol of the Storm Trooper's mask as a symbol of the front women are forced to put on while being subjected to inequality and injustice throughout their lives. 

Fabien's note for his work is this: "Compassion and admiration reminds us that engaged men can be key allies for women in this struggle for equality." 

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TroopHer 2019 at Le Pavillon des Canaux
Fabien Gilbert at Le Pavillon des Canaux
Le Pavillon des Canaux
TroopHer 2019
Le Pavillon des Canaux
TroopHer - LGBTQ
TroopHer - Space
TroopHer - Violence
TroopHer - Isolated
TroopHer - Puppet