Gustavo Magalhaes for The New Yorker: South Side review

There is no better compliment for an artist than to strike up a working relationship with a client for returning work. Gustavo Magalhães has just completed his latest project with The New Yorker.

Gustavo had previously illustrated for their review of the Netflix series The Chair, in which he created a high end illustration of the star Sandra Oh and this recent project was for another review of a popular TV series, HBO MAX’s South Side. South Side, starring Sultan Salahuddin and Kareme Young centres around two graduates from community college and are seeking business success while working at a rent-to-own shop. Working with a new creative team at The New Yorker, Gustavo once again worked to a tight deadline on the project delivering first sketches inside two hours and after a few simple tweaks, Gustavo was given the green light to begin adding colour.

Such is the speed at which Gustavo works he was able to send over a version with colour later that day and the feedback was fantastic, only requesting minor contract amendments. From start to finish, the whole project lasted three days and in that time, Gustavo delivered multiple colour variations for the client to consider.

It's amazing to watch our artists work so collaboratively at speed with clients. This is why we are the ‘Go to’ agency for so many clients. We know that editorial projects such as this work on a very short timeline so understanding the brief early is a must! This is something Gustavo achieves time after time.

Below are a few sample images and the final piece from the review. We love working with the team at the New Yorker and look forward to working with them again soon.