Henrique Petrus is an illustrator and graphic designer from a small city in southern Brazil. Drawing always interested him, and as a teenager, he learned to use Adobe Illustrator to create t-shirt prints. Henrique then decided to pursue a degree in graphic design, graduating from the State University of Londrina. Henrique loves working on complex scenes, while also balancing white space. He uses simplified objects and perspectives in his work while mimicking the textures of traditional mediums. He is inspired by nature and loves to incorporate it where he can. Throughout his career, Henrique has won a few awards from the Brazil Design Awards, for his work with studios and as a freelancer. To relax in the middle of projects, Henrique turns to music, playing the drums or the guitar. He also enjoys cycling. Practicing his instrument or cycling helps Henrique organize his thoughts and influences his creations. Voir Bio Entière