Johanne Licard is a self taught, French illustrator. She has a background in filmmaking, having studied cinema at Paris 7 University, but found her passion in illustration. She draws inspiration from nature, real people, and the Arts and Crafts movement, which taught her that art should be accessible, beautiful, and relatable. Johanne’s work focuses on in-between states, people dozing off, a soft breeze, a shadow shifting, and simple moments with a sensual, dreamy twist. Her illustrations induce a feeling of warmth and invite you to take a pause. Johanne mainly works digitally in Photoshop and Procreate, because they enable so much freedom when it comes to playing with shades and textures. She is passionate about feminism, inclusivity, and respecting nature, and loves to explore these themes in her work. Since working as an illustrator, Johanne has illustrated for various editorial, publishing, and media clients, as well as produced movie posters. View Full Bio