Virgen is a French illustrator and designer, living in Paris. After training in fashion design, she quickly developed an appetite for drawing, color and pattern. She began her artistic activity by launching her brand of contemporary embroidered designs, thanks to which she has been longlisted at the « World Illustration Awards » in the professional design product & packaging category. It also allowed her to refine her graphic style as an illustrator ; little by little she synthesized it further and the thick lines, initially used specifically for embroidery, are now part of her identity, in addition to the "lively" character of her work, due to the vibrant and shimmering colors, but also to the animations proposed. You have to know that she has a little crush for the artistic power of animated gifs ! She has collaborated with several major brands, notably Adidas for the women's world football cup, Galeries Lafayette for their VIP Christmas High Jewelry evening or Posca, for graphic tips during confinement, etc. She also creates unique pieces for performing artists and just won the "international artist" award in the Huawei competition among 41000 participants. The themes she addresses vary according to her meetings and collaborations but she loves when her creations have a story to tell and are meaningful. She cannot fall asleep until she has drawn. It's not a hobby, it's not just a passion, it's a way of life ! She believes that she participates to make a better world by bringing her colorful, positive and sparkling vision, even when she deals with deep and engaged subjects ( LGBT rights, feminism, Black Lives Matters, body positivity, etc. View Full Bio