Rebekka Dunlap is a Brooklyn based Graphic Artist who hails from the Pacific Northwest. Realizing in shock that she'd have to participate in the adult world, Rebekka bounced between the School of Visual Arts and The University of Washington in an attempt to get her hands to work in her favour. After much toil, she found grounding in confessional zines and, through a glitch in the simulation, built a thriving illustration practice. Now Rebekka's images bend and distort across the pages of magazines, books, commercials and original works. Her preoccupation with the shared anxieties of a society screaming towards unsettling futures leads her to visually explore themes of Mental Health, Techno Dystopias, Environmental Utopias and the Topographies of Gender. Dispatching illustrations and stories from an internalized lexicon of Fairy Tales, Anime & Contemporary Design, Rebekka combines the whimsical with real-world gravity View Full Bio