Right, Left or Center?


Right, Left or Center?

While it may be taboo to talk Politics at the dinner table, we encourage it here at Artistique. Representing a selection of artists from around the world subsequently has us representing a healthy variety of political ideas, viewpoints and beliefs.

These past few years have been particularly turbulent for politics, with almost every day bringing a new headline or scandal. Now more than ever, people are finding their voices and shouting from the rooftops (and streets) against injustices. Our artists have been anything but complacent with their opinions of the world around us, many joining political protests and letting their political illustrations serve as a vessel to reach the masses.

Let your voice be heard with one of our #IQArtists as you work together to create dynamic and moving political illustrations that’s sure to connect with your audience.

Editorial illustration for NEWSWEEK Poland, surrounding a political protest.

Piece for The Guardian, based on NRA members on Trump's plans for gun control.

Gastón Alejandro González

Künstler engagieren
Ansicht Folio

Literary Quotes Poster. Illustrations of phrases belonging to characters of culture. This one relates to Julio Cortázar.

Cheat Smarter, Editorial Illustration / Cartoon. John Klossner is a cartoonist and illustrator whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, The Reader's Digest, and all the places fine cartoons can be found.

Editorial Illustration. Pollution / Think of How Many Healthcare - related jobs we’re creating.

Illustration for American daily Newspaper: Boston Globe, commissioned for the article: Independent contractors, or abandoned workers? by Dante Ramos

Go Vote, Political illustration

Various portraits of politicians collaged together. Editorial Illustration.

Le Monde editorial Illustration. Relating to difficult times against Macron.

Barack Obama Ironing the American Flag, Editorial illustration

Illustration for Richmond Magazine, titled; Come Together Healing post-election wounds starts around our own tables by Janet Giampietro Nov 2016