But What Exactly Is Art?


But What Exactly Is Art?

Das ist die brennende Frage, die undere Konzeptkünstler beantworten. Ihre Ideen umfassen mehr als nur das, was das Auge trifft, um den Betrachter unter die  Oberfläche zu bringen und neue Tiefen zu erkunden. Erwecken Sie Ihre Konzepte mit schichten subtiler Komplexität zum Leben, die mit denen eines guten weins mithalten können.

Wenn sie Bilder benötigen, die über die Oberflache hinausreichen müssen, sind unsere Artistique-Konzeptkünstler genau das richtige für Sie. Sie können sich jeden Aspekt Ihrer Ideen vorstellen und sie in Papierform (oder Photoshop) wiedergeben. Sie genau sehen, was Sie vorhaben, und alle Elemente Ihrer Publikation umfassend behandeln

Client: Personal project Description:Bird in chair cage Country: Spain Media: CGI

Client: TroopHer Description: A woman with a stormtrooper hat to symbolize strength and power behind the facade she puts up to protect herself against sexual harassment. Country: France Brief: Create a series depicting women’s portrayal in society to bring awareness to social injustices. Media: Digital Award: Adam and Eve Auction Application: Exhibition for Chez Elles

Gastón Alejandro González

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Ansicht Folio

Client: NGO Action Description: This illustration is part of the book 100 examples of resilience, for an initiative of the spanish NGO Action against hunger. I'm proud of being selected between more than 800 pieces to be one of the 100 that integrates this book.

Client: Personal Description: A further exploration of surrealism. I’m growing quite fond of the abstract, expect more from me

Client: Le Monde Description: Obama before leaving the White House Country: France Application: Press Diary

Client: Le Monde Description: Buying a house Country: France Brief: The dangers of mortgage loans Application: Press Diary

Client: Personal Project Description: Why giants hate summer. Media: Digital

Client: Personal project Description: Minimal and impactful figure drawing

Teddy (Jianju) Kang

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Ansicht Folio

Client: John Hopkins Health Review Description: For Johns Hopkins Health Review, about The Origin of Itchiness.

Tanawat Sakdawisarak

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Ansicht Folio

Description: This illustration was for an article about a sensorial exposition that happened in Sao Paulo. The visitors were led through different rooms that stimulate all the senses and the mind.

Client: Richmond Magazine Description: Sweeping political ideals under the rug to create a more hospitable environment.

Client: University of Richmond Magazine Description: This piece was done for the University of Richmond Magazine, to accompany an article about the ethical decisions colleges face. I wanted to represent the ambiguous nature of moral dilemmas with multifaceted, amorphous shapes, because those kinds of decisions are often complex and hard to quantify.

This piece is part of an ongoing series, shown at an all-female group exhibition at Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA. I’m interested in creating imaginary portraits that explore themes of femininity and nature, showing women as vessels and embedded in their surroundings.