Mural Mania


Mural Mania

Whether it is a soda company factory or a department store building, murals have served as timeless adverts for decades. It’s not rare to look up while driving around a city and still see paintings for companies long since gone. So, what’s different between then and now?

With social media driving the way companies market, murals are taking on a larger than life interactive backdrop for influencers and creatives alike to subtly (or not) advertise their product. We’ve moved murals from high in the clouds to our direct eye-line - in our offices, next to our doorways, and in our parking lots. We’ve changed them from a stark billboard to a colorful, thought provoking, “insta-worthy” compositions that stop you in your tracks. Bland, crumbling and ordinary walls are given a new breath of life with introspective phrases, sweeping imagery, and above all, a plug advertising your company.

This is where we come in!

Whatever your idea for your mural is, and wherever you want to put it, we’re here to help. With our curated roster of international artists and deep seeded connections in the printing industry, you can put your feet up and let us take care of all the details. Don’t want to commit to a lifetime of a single mural? We’ll have it printed up on vinyl so you can change it whenever you have a new product.

Not sold yet?

Our artists have created murals for tech companies, corporate powerhouses, museums, indie businesses and community art movements alike. Entrusted by companies from Google, MasterCard, HarperCollins and Nickelodeon to CC Les Glories, Use It, and HatchMCR, we’re confident that our artists can turn any blank space into an artful advertisement worthy of any social media feed.

MURAL of Jimmy Neutron and his dog Godard. The mural, which Andrzej designed for the interiors of VIACOM Polska offices, is beautifully presented in the editorial office of the Nickelodeon Tv station.

A mural created by MasterCard - painted by Goodlooking Studio

Mural, designed for MTV Music / VIACOM. Looks beautiful! :: Working again with Goodlooking Studio for professional painting !!! :) mural design

A short film with my mural painted on the occasion of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising on April 19, 1943. Mural was commissioned in April 2017 for the Museum of Polish Jews POLIN in Warsaw. Location: the center of Warsaw / Poland.

In 2015, publishers HarperCollins moved into new offices in the News Building, London Bridge. As a result of a close 7 year working relationship, One Darnley Road were invited to help add some colour and creative flair to the walls of their new home and I was one of the few lettering artists that was commissioned to create a unique lettering piece to highlight the history and accomplishments of the publishing company throughout its existence. My work accompanies the first book that the company ever published; the holy Bible.

I believe in the human, using pencil, paper, pen and ink, as a way to create a truer register of human nature that is possible through digital means, always attracted by transformation and exploring the beauty of the unknown. The element of chance that is so constitutive of analogue work, and its concomitant obligation to stand by unexpected results, is at the core of my practice

Village Underground is a space for creativity & culture in Lisbon

Daniela in action. Better together mural for Village Underground, based in Lisbon.

Les Glories, a shopping Centre in Barcelona,

Mural for FISART - International Street Art Festival. Timisoara, Rumania, with Bali Green AGency

Mural made with acrylic on concrete wall. Part of a project for Hökerum Bygg in Vallastaden. For this project, i later recived the Culture Award in Stockholm, 2017.