Artistique International (IQ) offers Intelligent Artist Management.

We bring to you, the world’s leading conceptual creatives and the highest levels of account management, both creatives and agents having years of experience working with the world’s top brands to deliver great service and exceptional standards.

With feet on the ground in Manhattan, Marbella, Madrid, London and Singapore we are a truly global agency.

The quote: “Great art is not about seeing, but what you enable others to see”. is in the back of our minds always. We are passionate about conveying the simplest or most complex ideas through art that will not need words - Images that will trans-lay a message or an opinion in an intelligent, visually stunning way. 

We are proud to provide art for editorial illustration, book cover art, illustrated typography, fashion illustration, illustrated maps, infographics, murals, 3D, illustrated brands,, illustrated ads, illustrated packaging and political illustration.


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  • Alison


    I graduated from SUNY Oswego with degrees in Economics and Art History, as well as with a minor in Studio Art. I have been honored to be a featured speaker at the New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS) and before that, I have been exhibited in several art galleries in Upstate NY. I love working traditionally with colored pencil and acrylic, but I enjoy the challenge of less familiar mediums as well. I became an artist agent after a few years of managing Enterprise’s largest corporate referral source relationship in the tri-state area. With more than 17,000 rolling clients on a daily basis, I took pride in making sure all of our clients had exceptional experiences with both companies. I’ve brought that same energy to this industry a few years back, where I have enjoyed combining my degrees and experience to deliver seamless intelligent artist management to our ever-growing client and artist base as the Global Manager of Artistique.

  • Vince


    Vince Verma understands perfectionism. The Devon-born graphic artist, whose work has been exhibited around the world, insists on working painstakingly with pencil; doesn’t keep usual working hours (his photorealist renderings are created through working late into the night for days on end) and is almost mathematical in his intensely detailed approach.

    Verma’s story is fascinating. The artist was raised in Devon by illustrator parents as part of a creative commune and was entirely self-taught. He started drawing from childhood and received his first professional commission at 17. From there he has built an international following for his works. “I’ve been drawing since I can remember,” explains Verma. “I never considered doing anything else. I don’t even see it as a job. I just do, what I do.” Today he works in a remote studio in rural North Yorkshire and at his home apartment in Soho -Manhattan.

  • Adolfo


    I am our senior EU sales agent working from our Spanish Office. Having graduated from Murcia University in Spain with a degree in Art History and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Valencia University, I have been working in different a varied roles in the cultural outlook in Spain as for example as art-handler, curator, art advisor... In fact, I combine my job as senior EU agent of Artistique taking care of European and Latin American clients with some collaborations as independent curator in different contemporary art project and as cultural consultant in Marbella local government.

  • Natalie


    As a professional artist myself, I have always being dedicated in connecting art into our society and daily experiences. I am fluent in both English and Chinese as I was raised in Taiwan, then spent over 10 years in the United States. I am also a certified Japanese language speaker. My multicultural background equipped me to be a good communicator across culture and language barriers. I would love to connect with you, and use my profession to best assist your needs.

  • Alexina


    Originally from Belgium, I have studied in both the UK and Japan, meaning I am fluent in English, French and Japanese. As a creative myself, I understand the challenges that artists face and am passionate about helping our amazing artists succeed. I have worked in various roles in the creative industry from being a freelance designer to being a translator and assistant for a gallery in Brussels, helping them liaise with Japanese artists.

  • Summer


    After studying digital media design and animation from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, I have been working with companies from various industries like games, broadcasting, events, and trading. Being trilingual helps me understand clients and artists better and making the transition from different countries and cultures easier. I am looking forward to working on exciting projects with our artists and customer, as well as, contributing to my skillset to expanding Artistique's business in Asia.

  • Marion


    Marion has joined Artistique and is now sunning it up in our Spanish office. She is focusing on helping our German and German speaking clients create their beautifully illustrated magazines and products. With her background in marketing, her years of experience and the fact that she speaks fluent German, English and Spanish, Marion is the perfect recipe for a successful implementation of your next project.

  • Temi


    I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Mixed Media and a Masters in Photography Arts from the University of Westminster. I have previous experience in curating and invigilating at galleries in the UK, and I have a background in Graphic designer, Illustrator, and Photography.


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Artist submissions

How to submit your work

If you are interested in representation, we’d love to see a sampling of your favorite pieces! Send an email to with 8-10 jpgs (under 2MB each) and / or a link to your online portfolio. Please note that printed samples will not be returned.