A New Time for Illustrated Typography


A New Time for Illustrated Typography

“Typography is an art. Good typography is Art.” - Paul Rand

Times New Roman is out and the age of illustrated typography is in. Graceful swirls, decisive lines, organic shapes are no comparison to the harsh and generic look of a stock font. Our artists can take your headlines, covers and articles to the next level with text stylized perfectly to fit the mood you want to reflect on your audience. Illustrated typography is a great solution for hooking your audience, standing apart from the crowd and staying memorable to your readers. We fully live by the wise words of the late Paul Rand that good typography is art. With such a wide variety of styles to offer, our agents can pair you with the perfect illustrator for any occasion to turn your article into art.

Graphic designer Bobby Haiqalsyah has created a range of t-shirt designs for famous American motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson. Haiqalsyah was commissioned by Bravado agency and worked under the art direction of Robert Charissimo. The t-shirts feature a set of different and carefully customised logotypes, most of which evoke a vintage American feel. Some of the typographic forms show a distinct siderographical influence, complete with shading and hatching.

The Keepers of the Craft by Bobby Haiqalsya; His submission for the Typism book which is available to purchase in a limited edition signed and numbered print.

Creativity with Purpose; A mural created for Forepoint agency in the UK.

Bloch T-Shirt, a floral typography design playing with negative space.

3D Artist Carlos Vielba creates this piece as part of his simply love series. Carlos was born in Palencia, and now lives in Madrid.

Lima born, Barcelona based artist Daniela Carvalho, created Good Hair Day, Hair Type for the Book of Everyone @bookofeveryone

Hairy Type for beauty brand andmetics. Sexismus meaning Sexism.

Logotype and illustration for the shoe brand Syster Jane - based in Stockholm Sweden, 2016

Kraft Brewery, 2017. Art Director. Concept, logotype and illustrations. Concept made illustrations referring to the brand name Kraft. Handmade in ink, processed in Photoshop.

Freelance art director, illustrator and motion designer. Currently focusing on editorial illustration, sport-related graphics & 3D animations. This piece titles ‘Really Pretty’.

Director, illustrator and motion designer. Currently focusing on editorial illustration, sport-related graphics & 3D animations. This piece titled ‘You’re Drunk’.

Out of Office commissioned in 2018, for a US based art print store

This cover was for a book about time, published by a Romanian bank

Editorial piece titled ‘Travel’ - created by Olivier Balez. Olivier currently resides in Angoulême, France, where he lives in residency at the Maison des Auteurs.

Crop close up of Travel by Olivier Balez