Jonathan Lopez

Jonathan Lopez (He/Him/His)

Jonathan is an illustrator and infographic artist born in Mexico City in 1982. Since he was a kid, he has been influenced by music and cartoons, leading him to specialize in illustration at university. Jonathan tries to make his artwork as simple as possible while enriching it with double meaning and deeper ideas. He loves being able to give a different perspective to a concept. Jonathan has previously worked with a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, and book publishers, as well as been selected for exhibitions at Illustration Biennials held in Mexico. He has won several awards for Excellence from the SND, the SPD, and the American Illustration. Jonathan loves music, and when he isn’t illustrating, he is playing the drums and writing songs. If he weren’t an illustrator, Jonathan would surely be a biologist, he is a fan of science fiction, especially the Alien sagas. View Full Bio