Edu Rubio Illustrates the Spanish PP Election

The process of electing a new leader for the Conservative PP party is well underway. As Spain prepares to elect a fresh face to take the political reigns, Edu Rubio illustrates the two favourite candidates. 

Delegates will choose between Maria Soraya Saenz de Santamaria and Pablo Casado. Whilst Santamaria's values lean closely to the politics of former leader, Mariano Rajoy, Casado's are closer to the right wing of the party. 

Edu Rubio's neutral colour palette reflects the democratic system that handles political decision. His composition places both politicians looking over one shoulder; alert and aware that the Spanish public have the power to cast a vote that determines the direction of the country. 

A new leader is set to be chosen before the end of the month. 

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Edu Rubio
Edu Rubio