Happy Chinese Lunar Year 2019!!

As you may already know, we are international agency with artists from around the world, offices in 3 different countries and a new one coming soon to Singapore. Because of this, we feel it's important to celebrate and highlight the many holidays celebrated globally. 

Teddy Kang, an artist with Asian roots shows as a humorous vision of an Asian megalopolis in his unique palette. Jano's proposal is both critical and conceptual. He depicts the year of the pig for Chinese, as the typical Spanish "matanza," the slaughter of a pig that it is a celebration of good auguries in some Mediterranean cultures since the pork meat will fee the family during the long winter. Newcomer Gianluca Natale brings us to the Forbidden City in Beijing with Chinese lanterns, fire works and ancient architecture in a delicate, sophisticated and minimal approach. And as for Fabien Gilbert? He is a master of using a clean style to tell big stories by using conceptual images to send good vibes and well wishes with this father and son releasing traditional lanterns. 

We would like to wish you an incredible year of the pig, full of an abundance wealth and prosperity. 新年快乐!!