Carol Nazatto and L’Espresso: the perfect pairing!

As agents our job is to find the perfect clients for our illustrators and make magic happen between them. That’s exactly what our Senior Italy Agent Chris Modafferi did for our brilliant Brazilian illustrator, Carol Nazatto, and cultural and political magazine, L’Espresso.

In November, Chris met with L’Espresso’s art director, Stefano Cipolla, who felt it was ‘love at first sight’ with Carol’s collage art style. Within just a couple of weeks, Stefano had commissioned his first piece of artwork for Carol. And just a few weeks later, a repeat commission!

Here’s what Stefano said about working with Chris, Artistique International and Carol on his blog:

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Christine Modafferi, from the illustration agency Artistique. During our first video call, Christine selected and showed me and my colleague some authors who she thought would be perfect for L'Espresso's graphic needs.

Many of them impressed us, in particular Carol Nazatto, a Brazilian illustrator who works with collage techniques, both manual and digital. Her style is retro and very personal and she immediately came to mind for [a piece we were working on].

I had some concerns because we are not used to working with agencies as mediators and I was afraid the process might be cumbersome, especially because the illustrator lives and works on the other side of the world.

But my doubts were soon dispelled: within a few days Carol Nazatto's illustration arrived by e-mail and she had obviously received the brief and based her work on it. All the elements of the interview are there, with some excellent creative additions. It is fabulous to think that today, compared to a few years ago, you can work with artists from all over the world in a direct, immediate and simple way.

We are so excited to have been matchmakers for Carol and L’Espresso and we cannot wait to see what more magic they will be creating in the future together!