Feature Artist - Beth Goody

Beth’s skills lies in her ability to create work that expresses an understandable, often complex concept in a bold and exciting way. Her conceptual style lends itself to finance, as artwork within this sector is about humanising complex and sometimes dating products into a single image which must perfectly personify the product.

Since going Artistique in 2021, Beth has been in high demand by leading design and marketing agencies and is currently working on some high profile projects, which will feature in a blog later in the year, but her client credits include Barclay’s, Siemens and Slack to name a few.

The appeal to Beths work we believe lies in her vector approach to her designs. This means she can create multi layered images which are similar but can but also individually different, which is perfect for the types of products created by the finance sector. As each are similar in once sense but also different.

As a natural born problem solver, Beth quickly get to the heart of a project and designs the hero piece, from which a full campaign I designed around.

We invite you to reach out to discuss your next project as Beth is in such high demand.