Johan Papin Wins 4x Over at the Applied Arts Awards

We are thrilled to share that our Artistique illustrator, Johan Papin, has won four Applied Arts Awards in:  Cause Related Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Poster Illustration, and Unpublished/personal work categories.  

The Applied Arts Awards recognize creative work and set the bar for creative excellence in visual arts, including creative advertising, design, photography, illustration, and interactive arts. We are so proud of Johan’s work and recognition in these categories. 

Johan won the Cause Related category for his illustrations in “The Climate Game”. A game created by the Financial Times that places the player at the heart of crucial decisions of climate change, all based on real science and reporting,

In Editorial illustration, Johan was recognized for his work with the Canada Media Fund for their annual trend report. This editorial piece and Johan’s illustrators explore new ways of broadcasting media content and the will of the CMF to help minorities access jobs in the industry. 

For the poster illustration category, Johan won for his poster “Montreal”, made in collaboration with the French illustration gallery Inventaire. His personal/unpublished piece is “Blue Noir”, an experiment with typography and blue color palettes. 

If you would like to commission Johan for any editorial, poster, or other art projects, please contact [email protected]