Artistique's Photo Illustrators

At Artistique, we pride ourselves in representing artists who specialise in a whole range of blossoming artistic techniques. A particularly creative style that we want to explore this week is the beautiful partnership of illustration with real products and photographs. This inventive way to illustrate is particularly effective when used in sponsored editorials or advertising campaigns. Keep scrolling to check out some of the best of the best that we have in this field ... 

In a subtle marriage of product and photo, Del Hambre  creates a happy union that flows so well in this summer cosmetics spread for Gentleman Mag.

From ballerinas balancing on the moon to extra-terrestrial geometric shapes, Ceren Kilic combines photography and digital collage to crate a dreamy and surreal aesthetic. 

Grape balloons, coffee-bean raindrops and delicious crayon burgers. Whatever next?! Javier Perez transforms everyday objects into quirky reinventions of imagination. 

Mathilde Aubier's striking use of contradictory elements adds a distinctly modern twist to a retro palette.

Skilled at adapting her technique for high-end clients, Sandra Javera's experience includes architectural visualisation and fashion drawings. Dainty and simple yet effective; photo illustration is just another skill to add to her list. This particular image was commissioned for Ice Cream Parlor, Trevisi.

Tim Robinson's mechanically constructed photo collages often offer a thought provoking message that are simultaneously visually rewarding. 

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At Artistique International, we manage leading contemporary artists specialising in intelligent advertising and editorial illustration. Based in New York, London and Marbella, we are a truly international illustration agency that's able to offer a boutique service around the globe. 
Del Hambre Ceren Kilic Javier Perez Mathilde Aubier Sandra Javera Tim Robinson