Artistique Artists Celebrate Pride Month!

Around the world, individuals come together to celebrate June as the LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, Queer) month of pride.  This celebration and recognition of the pride month began in 1969 in honor of the Stonewall riots in Manhattan's West Village. These riots acted as a monumental moment in the LGBTQ liberation movement. Since then,  we have continued to recognize June as national pride month, and this year, Artistique has had the pleasure of celebrating pride month with Eleven of our talented signed illustrators. The beautiful works of these eleven artists, Annelien Smet, Carlos Vielba, Craig Frazier, Daniel LiĆ©vano, Edu Rubio, Erick Retana, Fabien Gilbert, Del Hambre, Oyemathias, Teddy Kang, and Tim Robinson not only display bright and bold colors, but they also exude energy and excitement. Join Artistique and these wonderful artists as we continue to celebrate pride throughout the month of June!

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