We have already announced that we are thrilled to share new artwork in time for celebration of LGBTIQ Pride month. Here, you can view the full 'ART is ART x LOVE is LOVE' collection by our Artistique artists.

Starring a technicolour palette, Artistique's artwork has never looked so colourful!

Fabien Gilbert paints the streets of Paris into a glorious rainbow, whilst Edu Rubio gives his hairy characters a suitable makeover. Oyemathias rejects the nuclear stereotype by celebrating the beauty of all different types of families.

Tim Robinson uses his photo collages to acknowledge those who are not free to express their true selves and feelings. Daniel Lievano waves the flag for the LGBTIQ community throughout Pride month.

An inclusive range of colourful character creations mark Erick Retana's addition to the series. Carlos Vielba's provocative addition to Artistique's Pride series is a cheeky, tongue-in-check nod towards 

Annelien Smet illustrates a simple silhouette; representative of different types of people from different types of backgrounds, who have different types of sexualities and fall in different types of love. Love is love!

Just like the end of a Hollywood movie, Teddy Kang illustrates a picture-perfect scene with two hopeless romantics. Craig Frazier does a spot of DIY to redecorate his illustrations into a sensational Pride parade. 

Thank you to all our artists for their fantastic contributions!

At Artistique International, we manage leading contemporary artists specialising in intelligent advertising and editorial illustration. Based in New York, London and Marbella, we are a truly international illustration agency that's able to offer a boutique service around the globe. 

Fabien Gilbert
Daniel Lievano
Craig Frazier