Finance Illustrative Experts

Finance and art have always had a close connection, this blog highlights our works within the sector and how our intelligent approach brings these projects to life.

The financial sector has always had a passion for art. Firstly using art as a monetary asset, which often will only go up, but today, financial clients use artists to sell their products in what is an ever growing and competitive market. Here at Artistique, we are seeing a huge uptake in financial and insurance clients coming to us with exciting briefs across all platforms for the sector.

The importance of branding and having a strong visual identity within the finance sector are now as vital as ever. With so many banks and even more financial projects available such as ISA’s Pensions, various current and flexible accounts etc. all of which need differentiating and marketed to the consumer in a clear, simple manner. For example; the brand messaging for a pension account needs to be completely different to the branding on a student account.

So how do you do this? Conceptual artwork is a perfect form to showcase new financial products ready to put to consumers.  Our artists use their intelligent and ingenious approach to illustration to simplify often complex data into a single image that is both appealing and saleable to the end user. They dilute the brief down into something everyone can relate to and make it visually appealing. A house, a money bank, a simple graph that goes upwards all are now staple illustrations that define the financial sector and financial products. Combine this with clean images of people or young families it resonates with the buyer creating a cohesive brand image. We all know the colours of each bank and in turn, we know the packages they sell, as all will have these key Pantone colours to create a consistent brand message.

At Artistique we understand these key rules and employ them with our financial clients, who come to us for the creative flair and intellectual approach that lifts a product to make it stand out in the crowd, offering finance with a twist, as the featured work of Carol Nazatto, Javier Perez, Kay Coenen, Kevin Deneufchatel, Eduardo Rubio, Salmorejo Studio, Tanya Timosin, Teddy Kang, Tom Straw, Bobby Haiqalsyah and Victor Beuren show case.