Vaccines and Lockdown

The light at the end of the tunnel: How illustration has helped in the fight against Covid-19

In a crisis, art can be used as a tool to improve our overall well-being. When artists use their creativity to decorate masks, on murals in public places or in editorial pieces to reflect current events, they are sending a powerful statement to the public.

Within a space, art directs and influences how people interact and behave. Visual clues help us comprehend our place in the world and make statements about what matters to our community.

We have all been hit with this devastating virus both emotionally and physically. Like every battle, we are fighting, building and we will overcome! 

With the vaccine being the last stage in our return to a more normal existence. Our #IQartists have been helping spread the message to get vaccinated through their insightful and intelligent artwork.

COVID-19 has had an impact on the lives and health of over a million people all over the world. Nurses are on the front lines and are responsible for delivering holistic care for all types of patients, whether in everyday routine or during crises. For prioritising the health of others over all other considerations. In these exceptional times, for offering care and compassion. For being a beacon of hope in the face of adversity.

Through illustration, we can show appreciation, thanks and gratitude to those in the medical field helping us get back to a new normal. 

Our artists are ready to help on new campaigns to promote vaccination, to help the public remember the importance of social distancing and especially help us show thanks to those on the frontline; giving us the strength, hope and help we need. They are holding on, standing through losses, pain and constant stress.

Interested in commissioning the featured artists? Click on their names for more of their portfolio work:

Carlos VielbaBeth GoodyWesley van EedenFrancesc Roig

This piece was written by Temi Olarinoye

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