Post Lockdown Emotions

Getting our lives back on track will be exciting and daunting for many of us. A new cause of anxiety for many who are unsure how to deal with face to face communication.

The notion of life beyond lockdown can be intimidating, especially for individuals who have been classified as high-risk or fragile for the previous year. Some may even be nervous about seeing loved ones after such a long time apart.

Loneliness will persist despite efforts to reduce social alienation and lockdown measures. It may even worsen for those who have been left behind.

Anxiety and stress are likely to be the most typical emotional responses as we near the end of our confinement. Our #IQartists are particularly talented at illustrating conceptual emotive topics and the anxiety and fear of life after lockdown is no exception to this. Using their creative intelligence, they have created pieces to help share with the world the emotional turmoil many are going through. 

Illustration has become an expression of humanity, throughout history and the pandemic has been no exception; with art becoming a form of comfort, strength and global communication.

Studies have been conducted on the physical and emotional benefits of creating illustrations, as well as the benefits of simply looking at illustrations. Illustration can assist us in processing trauma, expressing challenging emotions, and working through tough situations. Our artists are here to help and are ready to tackle challenging subjects.

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Gustavo MagalhãesJulia WytrazekSilvia CelibertiChristopher Cooper

This piece was written by Temi Olarinoye

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