Carol Nazatto for La Nuova Ecologia: Exploring Nature and Cities


We are incredibly proud to announce Carol Nazatto has illustrated her very first cover for Italian environmental magazine La Nuova Ecologia

The issue focussed on the reintroduction of nature in busy cities, with a focus on reintroduced animals, flora species and the creation of new green spaces to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle in metropolitan areas. What better way to express this piecing together of nature, city life, flora and fauna than Carol’s delicate collage style?

Carol’s cover for La Nuova Ecologia, brilliantly art directed by Emiliano Rapiti, is a mixture of whites and greens, with some beautiful pops of colour, which express the joy of enjoying nature in cities again. 

While Carol had never illustrated a magazine cover before, she has been incredibly popular with clients across the world, illustrating articles about the Holocaust, feminism, science and even MAGIC! Carol is truly a multi-faceted and incredibly talented collage artist with so much more to offer the editorial market. 

Huge congratulations to Carol and we are so excited to see what she will be doing next.

If you’d like to commission Carol, please do not hesitate to contact us here