When politics and world events collide

Unfortunately we live in turbulent times, when world events effect our politics and vice versa. Both require the need for illustration.

Our artists are both politically aware and clued up on current affairs, often creating speculative pieces for us to send to clients. Current Affairs is a perfect canvas for the creation of new illustrations. Artistique artists are not afraid to illustrate the big issues. Never casting their own political or ethical views, but using imagery to get to the heart of the story. This skill is perfect for editorial and political illustration.

Because our artists are based internationally they can meet tight deadlines and have a great knowledges of the major current affairs stories in their countries of residence. And because of the media, they are also up to date on international news.

Now perhaps more than ever, world politics is effected by world events, so having illustrators at your disposal who are politically aware, passionate and based on four different timezones is vital to your next story.

Our artists are ready to create. No matter the timeline, style required or budget, we’ll be able to match you to your perfect artist.