5 Questions with Illustrator, Nicola Magri

Nicola Magri, our brilliant Italian illustrator, just joined Artistique and has made third place at the prestigious Venetian competition via the Biennale: Artefici del Nostro Tempo! We took some time to have a 1-1 with Nicola and discover more about his work, his process and what he loves about the job. 

1. Nicola, tell us about your career and how you came into illustration!

Hi! I have always loved drawing, actually, but as I grew up I decided to pursue a more design-oriented course of study. Today, I work in 3D and illustration – two professions that allow me to combine my two main passions, art and design.

2. We are delighted to discover that you came in third place at the Venice Biennale Artefici del Nostro Tempo competition. Could you tell us about the process of this competition?

The third edition of the "Artefici del Nostro Tempo" competition is aimed at young artists who, through Glass Design, Glass Artworks, Photography, Comics and Illustration, Painting, Visual Poetry, Video-Art and Street-Art, are asked to interpret "The milk of dreams", the title of the next Visual Arts Biennale 2022.

"Artisans of Our Time" envisages the selection of 10 works for each artistic discipline, created individually or by a collective of artists, and selected works will be exhibited at Pavilion 29 in Forte Marghera in Mestre from June to December 2022, including mine!

This is a competition that has always particularly interested me, because it comes out at the same time as the Biennale, an art exhibition that I always enjoy visiting. The competition, announced by the City of Venice, involves the selection of 10 works for each artistic discipline, in my case illustration, and their exhibition within the Biennale exhibition, in this case at the pavilion of Forte Marghera in Mestre.

3. How does it feel to be exhibited at such a renowned exhibition?
I am very happy! This is actually the second year for me. I also participated in the previous edition where my illustration was exhibited in the beautiful Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in St. Peter's Square in Venice.

4. Tell us about your creative process.

Music is an integral part of my creative process, it always accompanies me when I am drawing and when I am walking around the city or on long train or car journeys.

In general I really listen to everything! I realise, however, that the music I listen to while creating an illustration is inevitably connected to the mood I am trying to convey at that precise moment.

Music aside, I usually make very quick sketches to fix the ideas on the sheet, but when an idea arrives and I don't have anything to draw with, I jot down the concepts in the notes on my phone!

5. What does your studio look like? What is your favourite aspect of your creative space?
At the moment I have a workstation in a shared space in Bologna. It really works for me because I get to chat with different professionals and inspiration is always just around the corner! The aspect I like most is this, the possibility of talking and getting to know figures different from my own.
We are so excited to see what Nicola will be doing in the future. Plus, this is the perfect excuse to visit Venice… to see his work!