Political Illustration Experts Whatever the Political Angle

Politics -  fast paced, and gracing headlines of front page news for all editorial outlets, regardless of which side of the political bar the publication falls. To support those articles, illustration is often used to emphasize the political lean.

This is the power the illustrator holds: they allow the reader, in once glance, to completely comprehend the angle that article is taking.

Speed is also key to political illustrations, as in an election races around the world, it is a race that ebbs and flows. Very rarely is it a one horse race. Quietly, publications don’t like a one horse race, it doesn’t sell, so they work hard to finds the points of conflict and magnify them. And these stories need illustration.

In fact, the world we live in today is a world where algorithms and data collated by political parties can provide individuals with targeted messaging. And what do these stories feature? Illustration. The various news outlets surround us daily and the artists at Artistique are skilled in delivering illustrations at pace for every media outlet.

So whether it's red or blue, left, right, or centre the IQ artists have the skillset, the pace and accuracy required to complement and influence every political story. Elections are happening across Europe and it's a big year for the elections in the USA. Who will be the hero and villains in these stories yet to come? And which Artistique illustrator will be bringing them to life through art?

At Artistique we understand these key rules and employ them with our Editorial and Political clients, who come to us for the creative flair and intellectual approach that lifts a product to make it stand out in the crowd, offering finance with a twist, as the featured work of Carol Nazatto, Daniel Garcia, Olivier Balez, Sofia Doudine, Gustavo Magalhaes and Nicola Magri show case.

Reach out to your territory agent today to request suggestions for your next feature policy story.