Leverage Your Brand with Artistique NFTs

Let's face it, it’s exciting to think that an individual can now own a digital artwork for real. Just like you can pop an original canvas under your arm and say, “this is mine”, you can now add digital art to your crypto wallet and it’s yours!

Brands and agencies are tapping into this buzz, leveraging their campaigns using NFTs and targeting them at crypto owners, and there are a lot of them. One billion people around the world used cryptocurrencies in 2022 and about 46 million Americans (roughly 22% of the adult population) own a share of Bitcoin.

Ask anyone who has an NFT – they will say we are at the same stage the web was in 1998 at the dawn of a new era seeing exponential growth of passionate engagers.

Brands are finding creative uses for NFTs in their marketing strategy. Agencies are creating campaigns using NFTs as an ‘in’ to special events or money can't buy experiences, gifting them to create brand awareness, or selling them as proof of access to membership benefits.

As IP owners, brands can engage with their customers as fans. They can potentially generate revenue from their IP, creating editions of their own assets or generating new assets aligned with their messaging. In 2022 Coca-Cola, Harley Davidson, and many large sports clubs realized the potential of their huge IP catalogs and used edition NFTs as part of new campaigns. These have been re-traded many times to become collectible in the only way a viral campaign can explode on the web.

Artistique artists create IP, and specialize in doing so directly for brands, or through agency partnerships. We understand that brands need to offer unique benefits and make engagement with NFTs as easy as possible for consumers. Artistique represents leading NFT artists and has the knowledge and experience to help your brand navigate the marketplace, from creation to minting to onselling.

Artistique has experience working with agencies in the NFT space and have minted many stunning pieces for our artists. No matter how you want to include NFTs in your strategy, we have the intelligent artists and resources you need to dive in.

To learn more about how Artistique helps brands with NFTs, visit us here.