Marina Ferrando, a multi talented artist

Marina Ferrando is multi talented artist, specializing in illustration for corporate awards. She is based in Zaragoza, an industrial city in northern Spain, halfway between Madrid and Barcelona. Maybe this is why she has become a sought after artist for our corporate clients when they are looking for the design of original and artsy awards.

Marina illustrated the awards for two important business competitions in Spain: the Environet 2021 Awards, which recognise the efforts made by companies to grow their businesses by investing in new technologies, and the Enclave 2021 Awards, which recognise tourism of excellence adapted to the new times.

In the last year, seven Spanish companies that stand out for innovation, sustainable development and the use of new technologies, have hung an ad hoc creation by our talented Marina Ferrando on their walls, along with other well-deserved awards. Creations in which she perfectly synthesizes the spirit of the award itself with the branding and the work of the awarded company.

Do you have a business event in which you think Marina or another Artistique artist can help you? We're sure you do, so don't hesitate to contact us!