Lend Inclusivity to Your Brand through Corporate Memphis and Alegria

In recent years a new style has been born. Parented by the iconic 1980s Memphis Group's fusion of bold colours and exaggerated geometric shapes (think of the colourful characters with abstract, flowing limbs which preside over today's advertising), and the joyful Alegria style, which was first developed by Facebook in 2017, with its clean, minimalistic and flat geometry. 

Art directors know the worth of this style. It flourishes with universal appeal. The vibrant palettes and dynamic compositions evoke a sense of energy and playfulness, whilst it redefines traditional corporate aesthetics by embracing individuality and diversity. Whilst words can set the tone for a company, a strong image humanises and gives it personality. This helps brands who want to increase reach. Personality is the invitation telling us who you are, what to expect from you, and if we want to RSVP. 

At Artistique, we represent a range of artists who have put their own valuable spin on this style. 

Maria Kovalchuck’s command over clean lines, bold shapes and gradients is instantly distinct. With a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of modern aesthetics, her work can elevate brands by beckoning an audience to explore and engage with tech companies and apps. 

Henrique Petrus’ work captivates audiences by weaving a delightful dose of humour and quirkiness into his work, whilst his masterful combination of shapes and natural textures lend an authentic and tactile quality to his work. This charming warmth resonates deeply with audiences. 

Sophie Standing's diverse array of figures effortlessly transform complex subjects into engaging narratives. Her work enlightens. Making her an invaluable asset for both health and tech companies who need clarity and creativity. 

At Artistique, we thrive in this style and we know your brand has potential to prosper through its use. Let’s meet to discuss how this style can be best used to promote your brand, or send us an email if you are ready to commission!

Contact us at [email protected] to commission an Artistique talent for your next project.